Lighting Enhancements

The first thing we usually hear when guests walk into a room that has undergone an Affair 2 Remember Entertainment lighting transformation is “Wow.” And that’s just looking at our décor lighting and custom monograms. They haven’t seen what we do to the dance floor with our theatrical intelligent lighting. The overall is effect is jaw dropping. Lighting done exceptionally well can create an emotional response and help to instantly fill the room with enthusiastic dancing. It can be used to effectively create a sense of elegance and fun at the same time. Let Affair 2 Remember Entertainment help you to create the perfect feel for your event with our amazing lighting design with our North Georgia/Atlanta Event Lighting.

Decor Lighting

The best way to describe the effect of décor lighting done well is to create a transformation of the room where the celebration is happening. It really can bring a theme to life as well as really bring out the colors of a wedding, Sweet 16, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, corporate or any kind of social event. It absolutely beautifies a room in a way nothing else can.
We love to use Custom monograms to make our clients feel like stars. Whether it’s for the couple who just got married, our teen event celebrant or the company that wants to show their employees and guests their logo in spectacular lights, we can help. Monograms can be made into logos, names or can be used to celebrate holidays. However you use them, the effect is magical

Custom Monograms

Intelligent Lighting

Not only does this give us the ability to create a complete dance club atmosphere, the lighting can be used for dramatic effect for introductions and can be used to spotlight dances, cake cutting and speeches. When done correctly, intelligent lighting can tap into the emotional feel of a room and get everyone to the dance floor.

More Lighting Creations